Education Expo

This year the activity will be organized with a bigger scope and for the first time a 2 day Educational Expo shall also be organized in the subordination of NYC. The idea of Education Expo is to elaborate the current academic and educational scenario of the world to not only the attendees of NYC’17 but also, to selected students from the universities of KP from different academic levels.

The slogan for education expo is “Promote, Provoke and Provide” education.

Education Expo aims to provide, provoke and promote educational opportunities i.e. scholarships, internships, volunteer activities etc. to the young lot. It wants to create a source of information and awareness propagation regarding national and international scholarships for youth of various undergraduate, masters, Phd and Postdoctoral programs. To achieve its purpose the expo would bring together stakeholders, of national and international repute, from different four different domains,i-e corporate, development, education and social sector, who are working in the field of education and for the promotion education in Pakistan. Education Expo in its program would bring student bodies and the representatives of the institutions, working for the betterment of educational opportunities, face-to-face. By doing so the expo wants not only to expose students to the modern day advancements in the educational sector but also to guide and encourage them to avail opportunities and scholarships that are not known to them.

The idea is also to create familiarity to the concept of educational consultancies which will inspire youngsters to consult with the academic and educational department in future.

The expo shall be organized at Peshawar Sports Complex, Qayyum Stadium in Peshawar Cantonment on December 11-12, 2017. The expo would feature several walk-in booths with representatives from different institutes and organizations who could be accessed directly by the students.

Project of
Directorate of Youth Affairs
Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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Liaison Corporation
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