English Declamation

No. of Participant/s:                        2 (one for Serious and one for Humorous)

Topics for English Serious:

  1. Unity, Faith & Discipline
  2. Only Educated and Empowered Youth can Guarantee the Success of a Nation
  3. Is Democracy; the Solution of the Problems of Pakistan?
  4. Concept of Women Empowerment in the Light of Islam
  5. Fundamentalism, Corruption, Incompetency: Which one is the top most problem of Pakistan?


Topic for English Humorous:

  1. If love is blind, why nobody loves me!
  2. Be careful, big brother is watching
  3. Women Rights Vs Men Rights
  4. Men demand to put ban on production & selling of make-up products
  5. The only good wife is a dead one



  • 4 to 6 minutes time will be given to each participant
  • Derogatory remarks against renowned personalities & institutions will not be allowed
  • A participant can speak in the favor or against the topic as per his/ her choice
  • Paper Reading is not allowed
  • Judgment will be based on Content, Confidence, Accent/ Pronunciation, Body Language, Gestures and Style

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Directorate of Youth Affairs
Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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